Decoding "Space" Travel

On this page i will be keeping notes and research on the issue of "Space travel" or Astral Travel, as i continue to find out that what many perceive is outer space travel is actually astral travel. The 2nd Heaven or astral plane is a very dangerous realm where Satan, the Fallen Angels, Demons, and wicked spirits reside. By decoding the ancient space travel issues i have come to find that the current methods of space travel are exactly the same.

"Cold Hands, Warm Heart" is an episode of the original The Outer Limits television show. It first aired on September 26, 1964, during the second season. The episode features William Shatner in a lead role as a space explorer very similar to his part asCaptain Kirk in Star Trek. Shatner's Outer Limits character is involved in a mission called "Project Vulcan".

After completing the first manned mission to orbit Venus, astronaut Jeff Barton (Shatner) returns to Earth with recurring nightmares and an increasing inability to stay warm. Barton's condition continues to worsen and is accompanied by a peculiar webbing of his fingers. Only after his nightmares become more vivid does he recall an unrevealed alien encounter in the Venusian atmosphere. Barton's doctors suspect the astronaut had been genetically affected by his mission, and they then struggle to treat and cure him before his mutations completely take over.

After "jeff" returns from his "travel" to Venus which is through astral projection but being portrayed as in a rocket through space, jeff had a terrifying vision of what looked like a reptillian like entity, it seems this entity latched on to him and is tormenting his mind, it also begins to cause physical changes in his body on a genetic level. This seems like it is straight out of Genesis 6. I found this episode very peculiar.

The episode ends with this VERY interesting and VERY creepy occult themed message:

"The eternal, never-ceasing search for knowledge often leads to dark and dangerous places. Sometimes it demands risks not only of those who are searching, but of others who love them. These, in their own special way, know that knowledge is never wasted, nor is love."

This is an interesting crop circle pattern i found. Through binary code we find the following information. 

And just what do NASA astronauts train in? Solitary confinement chambers.

To further ones skills in astral travel on has to be a master of his mind, not going crazy in lamens terms due to the severe mental stress involved in astral travels.

 - Below is a pdf file from NASA on the subject of this training

The more i research space travel, the aether, and the occult the more i am seeing everyday of how deep this actually all revolves around astral travel and communicating with entities on the "other"side. I happened to be watching some old Outer Limits episodes and things started jumping out at me. Especially in the episode Cold Hands, Warm Heart.

​Remember Enki is Satan from the Gilgamesh Tablets. Many claim the Bible "stole" its information from these tablets, when actually it is the opposite, Satan flips everything upside down in order to look like the good guy. 

Isaiah 29:16 "Surely your turning of things upside down shall be esteemed as the potter's clay: for shall the work say of him that made it, He made me not? or shall the thing framed say of him that framed it, He had no understanding?"

Just because something is older than the date of the writing of the Bible does not make it true, it is obvious that this knowledge has been around since mans creation by God Learn more about this HERE

Satan is The Serpent (Revelations 12:9, Revelation 20:2). YHVH did NOT want Adam and Eve to eat the fruit in the garden but Satan / The Serpent did. The Bible also says that "Satan" is "The god of this World" (2 Corinthians 4:4) 

Enki is associated with The Serpent and his name literally means "Lord of Earth". 
Enki is the one that got man out of the Garden of Eden (NOT YHVH, NOT Enlil). 

So after seeing that episode of the Outer Limits i remembered this picture i had stowed away in my files for a future video project . .This explains the Phrygian cap and the Egyptian crown.

"Space" Travel is to travel the Kabbalah tree, the tree of Satans wisdom and guess where the travel begins? That's right. . . the Moon.