TIC Network presents - The Wars of Canaan

A graphic novel that will be turned into an animation series depicting the conquest of Canaan and the wars against the races of giants. Coming 2017

Director/Producer- Kip Legaard

Graphic artist- Israel O. Rafer

Our first network production series

The Pineal Gland

A documentary mini-series unlike anything you have ever seen before. A Truth In Christ Network production brings you an adventure into the unknown and unravels secrets hidden throughout ancient history.  A look into how the coming great deception will cease control of the minds of mankind and how portal technology is connected to the human brain, the aether realm, and the Mark of the Beast.

Director/Producer- Kip Legaard

Graphic artist- Mathias Venditto

New Creation Cinema

NCC aims to provide quality Biblical and moral entertainment. Our new website will be launching very soon.

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